A comedian threw a bunch of money at Sepp Blatter during today’s FIFA press conference

Earlier today, FIFA’s executive committee convened to determine when the FIFA Congress will hold an “extraordinary” meeting to vote for a new FIFA president. That vote will take place on Feb. 26, 2016. Thus, FIFA “President for Life” Sepp Blatter will be FIFA president until February, at least.

Exciting stuff, sure. But certainly not the most exciting thing to happen during the presser.

As Blatter sat down to begin the press conference, British comedian Simon Brodkin — who also goes by Lee Nelson and Jason Bent — casually strolled out in front of the cameras. And then he said some words and made it rain. Watch it rain:

To be fair, Blatter looks like he’s scared of money, which corroborates his contention that he is not corrupt and will be going to heaven. It was a great performance by all involved.

The press conference was postponed temporarily as Blatter stepped to the microphone after the disruption and said, “We have to clean here.” He was correct. And they did.

This might be the biggest sporting saga in the history of sport. We should all feel blessed to be witnessing history.