If you don’t cry at Drew Moor’s reaction to being named an MLS All-Star then you have no soul

Less than a year ago, Drew Moor crumbled to the pitch with a torn ACL and meniscus. His season was over and surgery, along with the hardest rehab of his life stood between him and a return to the game.

Eight months after that terrible injury, he was back playing for the Colorado Rapids. And 11 months later, he was named an MLS All-Star for the first time ever. He also apparently cut some onions.

Moor has been around for while. He is 31 years old and in his 11th Major League Soccer season. He won an MLS Cup with Colorado in 2010 and has even collected five caps for the United States. But he never made an All-Star Game.

Now no one would say that making an All-Star Game is the highlight of a player’s career, especially not when he’s won an MLS Cup. And yes, he did get extra consideration because the Rapids are hosting the game. But Moor has gone through so much just to get back on the pitch after his injury last August and now he’s being recognized as one of the best in the league.

I dare you not to love this, you heartless heathens.