You didn’t watch this Very Important Friendly and now you are behind on soccer knowledge

It’s mid-July, which means it’s European Clubs Travel The World And Play Lesser Clubs In Friendlies So We Can Try To Infer Things From Meaningless Matches Season. It’s the big time.

Example A:

Manchester City visited Australia, where the Citizens played Melbourne City. Do their names sound familiar? Damn straight, and that’s because they are owned by the same Sheikh, who is branding all of his clubs “City.” They’re all supposed to mimic Man City and either it’s working really well or the Citizens aren’t good enough to be mimicked because they barely beat Melbourne.

The Aussies put forth a good effort, full of valiant defending and a great show of fitness. They played with purpose. Meanwhile, Man City looked like it couldn’t be bothered, was hort on ideas and couldn’t connect in the final third. It was a result of Melbourne’s ferocious play.

The match looked set for a draw, but four minutes from time, Samir Nasri broke the deadlock.

So Man City is better than Melbourne City. Barely. And only because of a player in Nasri who isn’t even going to be first choice when the season starts.

In other words, Man City is in crisis and Melbourne City could compete for a European place if it was in the Premier League. Don’t believe me? You didn’t watch this Very Important Friendly.