Introducing Shortcake Bakery, a selection of fine shortcodes

Fusion’s first major open-source project was introduced in November as Shortcake. Shortcake makes WordPress shortcodes a piece of cake. Shortcodes are a core component of WordPress structured publishing. With Shortcake we give shortcodes a visual interface to make shortcodes as user-friendly as they are powerful.

Today we’re releasing Shortcake Bakery, a selection of fine shortcodes. We’ve been steadily making shortcodes for use by the Fusion newsroom since we launched Shortcake in November, and by releasing these universally useful patterns to the world, we hope to create a large repository of structured post elements for use by the WordPress community.

In this v0.1.0 release, we’ve included shortcodes for the following post elements:

  • Image Comparison (powered by JuxtaposeJS)
  • Facebook embeds
  • iFrames (require whitelisted hostnames)
  • Infogram embeds
  • PDF’s (powered by PDF.js)
  • Playbuzz embeds
  • Rap Genius annotations
  • Scribd embeds
  • Scripts (require whitelisted hostnames)

Shortcake Bakery is a plugin that works best with Shortcake – both can be installed directly from your self-hosted WordPress dashboard.

Want to blog about your high school friend’s awesome Facebook post? Do it with Shortcake Bakery!

Note: We did not go to high school with Beyonce.

Trying to decide which WordCamp Philly logo you like the most? How about… Shortcake Bakery?

When using Shortcake Bakery with Shortcake, you’ll even get a sweet admin preview of the content, along with a nifty admin interface.

What’s next?

We encourage contributions to Shortcake Bakery, and to the Shortcake project behind it, and can promise plentiful GIF’s and emoji in exchange for pull requests. Join us for our regular Slack conversations on Mondays at 19:00 UTC, or dig into the repository and find an open issue to hack on.