Brazil legend Rivaldo is so old he scored in the same match as his son

This is what soccer with your dad is supposed to be like. It starts off with good intentions, but pretty soon the physical differences make for stress, pain, humiliation.

That’s just part of growing up. Your dad beats you at soccer, until one day you’re old enough to beat him, and then suddenly he doesn’t want to play any more.

But if you’re Rivaldinho, soccer with your dad is cool, because your dad is Brazil legend Rivaldo, and so everything is cool.

And because Rivaldo is basically eternal, if you’re Rivaldo Jr., you even get to play pro soccer with him. And you both score.

Rivaldo is so old (43) that his son isn’t even a teenager. He’s 20. But senior came out of retirement to help Mogi Mirim, the struggling second-tier Brazilian club he’s president of. And help he did in a 3-1 win over Macae, with Rivaldinho scoring the first and third of his side’s goals. His old man adding another from the penalty spot.

It’s the acceptable face of nepotism and the best Soccer Dad story since ex-Barcelona striker Henrik Larsson took to the field with his 15-year-old son in the Swedish fourth division in 2013, and the boy scored.