Megan Rapinoe versus Clint Dempsey: Who threw it better?

The world champion U.S. women’s national team has been out in the world doing all sorts of fun stuff. On Saturday, America’s favorite person and Sports Illustrated cover enthusiast Megan Rapinoe put in a strong solo performance as she threw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game.

The Mariners appear to have a fondness for bringing in Seattle-based soccerists to throw baseballs for the amusement of strangers. In May, while he was still a hero and before he turned to a life of crime, Clint Dempsey tossed out an impressive ceremonial baseball of his own.

Let’s check out both efforts and see who is the true multi-sport ruler of the greater Seattle metroplex.

Here’s Dempsey:

And here’s Megan Rapinoe:

On second thought, I’d offer commentary on who is better, but based on the internet climate these days, any comparison between the U.S. men and women is a sure way to be publicly shamed and shunned to the darkest depths of the internet, like Facebook or something.

While I am a coward and have no opinion to share, I will say that your reaction to these pitches is absolutely a statement from your subconscious mind on the value of women’s soccer. Whatever you see here is a reflection of your true thought on equal pay, artificial turf, player suspensions, parade floats and everything else we’ve been debating for the last two months.

Probably. I don’t really know how the subconscious mind works, but that sounds accurate.


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