Taylor Swift brought the U.S. Women and their World Cup on stage and it was adorbs

As though most of us didn’t already idolize Taylor Swift and her magical wardrobe and perfect cherry-red lips, now the pop princess has gone and lifted the Women’s World Cup trophy.

Taylor Swift brought out the U.S. women – and Heidi Klum, for some unknown reason, although we’d like to think it’s because TayTay wanted to remind her that the Germans can’t win everything – for a little flag-waving and arm-swaying during “Style.”

It’s not exactly clear why Swift chose a song about a trainwreck of a relationship as one to represent the World Cup winners, but it’s probably better than inviting them onstage to sing along to “Bad Blood.” Although a little rendition of “Mean” wouldn’t have gone amiss.

At the end of that video, you can hear Taylor saying, “Alright. I wanna hold it one more time.” Which is pretty much completely adorable.

As is this tweet:

The feeling, it seems, was mutual: