Frank Lampard won’t debut for NYCFC this weekend after all

Oh, dear. Just one day before he was set to finally make his debut for New York City FC — probably for real, this time — Frank Lampard has suffered a calf injury and has been ruled out of Saturday’s match against Toronto FC.

“I’m hugely disappointed to be missing out on Sunday’s game, which I have been really looking forward to. I’ve been feeling great in training and have loved working with the squad. Unfortunately I sustained a small strain to my calf during a session.”

You can feel the real disappointment in Lampard’s words, with each sentence dripping with both sadness from disappointing his new fans and sweat from New York City summer humidity. It would be irresponsible to suggest that Lampard is faking a calf injury after seeing tomorrow’s New York weather report (partly cloudy with a high of 88 degrees), so we’ll assume his pain is legit.

“Whilst I’ve been taking it day by day since then and have been involved in light training, I’ve just been advised by the medical team that it needs a few days’ rest for it to heal fully.”

While NYCFC fans will surely be troubled by the idea of their aging savior already picking up an injury, fitness shouldn’t be the biggest concern about Frank Lampard’s future in the Big Apple. If you re-read the above quote, you will see that Lampard used the word “whilst.” There is no way this man can survive showing up to work in the Bronx every day while saying things like “whilst.” He’s going to get robbed. Possibly worse.

That’s more than NYCFC’s delicate fans can handle right now. Odds are it would be one of their own that committed the crime (mathematically speaking, because the team is so popular locally). It would be traumatic.

“As I say, it’s personally very disappointing for me but these things happen in football. The good news is that I should be back in full training next week. While I was desperate to play a role on Sunday, I have to take the advice of our medical team to let it heal and not risk further injury so I can get back on the pitch and play a full role as soon as possible.”

Lampard says he’ll be ready to go next week. The extended forecast in New England, where NYCFC will play calls for slightly more comfortable temperatures. Coincidence? Only Frank knows for sure.


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