AMERICA ASKS: What do you want to know from presidential candidate Martin O’Malley?

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is one of five Democratic presidential contenders for 2016, facing off with Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

Recent polls show the former two-term governor has struggled for attention over Sen. Sanders and Sec. Clinton, with 61% of New Hampshire residents and 70% of Iowans saying they haven’t even heard of him.

But we sure have.

O’Malley recently revealed his plans for debt-free college education, a ‘strong foreign policy,’ and a tougher oversight of Wall Street (which didn’t exactly go as planned).

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos will chat one-on-one with O’Malley this Tuesday, July 14, and he wants to know: What do you want to ask this presidential candidate?

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(Graphic by Kent Hernández/Fusion)



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