Cristiano Ronaldo had no interest in talking about his contract or Sergio Ramos’s future

If this wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo, it probably wouldn’t attract much attention. After all, the heart of an interview with sports new agency SNTV sticks to fundamental media-trained soccer star principles:

  • Get asked tough question: say nothing interesting using as few words as possible.
  • Get asked easy question: say nothing interesting using lots of words.

Still, there’s a certain tell-tale awkwardness about Ronaldo’s fiddling with his headphones when he’s asked about the future of Manchester United target Sergio Ramos and replies “I don’t know. I dunno.”

He’s much more forthcoming about Steven Gerrard going to MLS: “perfect for him … fantastic player, I think it’s amazing for the American people.”

The Real Madrid forward then walks out of the interview when asked about his contract, and criticizes a press officer for not ending the talk sooner. A clue that Ramos is off to Old Trafford? Only if you think that Ronaldo himself knows.

At this point in the summer, the rumor mill will take any grist it can get, especially on what could be one of the most significant transfers of the year. But it’s impossible to tell whether he curtailed the interview because he didn’t want to talk about Ramos and his contract, or whether he just felt that time was up and he wanted to go and do some stomach crunches, or lounge by a pool, expand his brand … or whatever else Cristiano Ronaldo does in July.