‘Pearl Harbor’ was trending on Twitter as the United States beat Japan at the World Cup

When will offensive soccer-related memes make it in America? Yesterday was the day, as idiots took to Twitter to stack up the Pearl Harbor references as the United States beat Japan in the Women’s World Cup final.

The deaths of more than 2,400 people in the 1941 attack – and then many, many, more, given the U.S.’s consequent entry into the second world war and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Even Daniel Tosh might think twice before going there for a joke.

But as the goals flew in and Carli Lloyd $10 bills flooded social media, hundreds, if not thousands, of people busied themselves making inane references to the win being “revenge” for the tragedy, making Pearl Harbor trend on Twitter. Because international soccer is just like war, really.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.43.30 AMTopsy

According to Topsy, the analytics site, tweets about Pearl Harbor surged from 400-700 per day to 51,292 on July 5th – though it’s impossible to tell how many were condemning the references and how many were making them.

But if your first instinct while watching one of the most joyful moments in U.S. soccer history is to reach for a reference to a long-ago national tragedy, your mind is probably beyond analysis.