The crowd for the Copa América final is insane

Chile has never won a major trophy before. Not one. It’s come close four times as runners up in past Copa América tournaments. But La Roja has a chance to change that today, on home soil in Santiago, against Argentina in the Copa América final.

You might guess that the country is excited. As in “blow the top off the damn place” excited. The Estadio Nacional will be absolutely insane before and during the match. And now, the stadium will also make for quite the visual thanks to a local businessman who paid for 40,000 Chile flags to be given out to every single person at the match.

That is so, so cool. There won’t be a better atmosphere anywhere in the world on Saturday. And one man helped make it a little bit better with all those flags.

And who is that local businessman? This guy!

It’s a shame that all 40,000 fans didn’t get a wig to look like Leonardo Farkas too.