How people prey on sharks

Fusion_CocosExpedition_Infographic_finalDesigned by Alejandra Aristizábal
Sources: Lack, Mary, and Glenn Sant. “The future of sharks: a review of action and inaction.” Traffic (2011), “The Pew Charitable Trusts;” University of Florida Report on 2014 ISAF Shark Attack; Worm, Boris, Brendal Davis, Lisa Kettemer, Christine A. Ward-Paige, Demian Chapman, Michael R. Heithaus, Steven T. Kessel, and Samuel H. Gruber. “Global catches, exploitation rates, and rebuilding options for sharks.” Marine Policy 40 (2013): 194-204; Shark Angels Organization:


Correction: This graphic has been updated to reflect that the units in the shark-catching countries chart refer to weight, not number of individual sharks.


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