One Spanish club has a rainbow-striped uniform that will raise money for seven charitable causes

At first glance you might mistake it for a Kansas City Wizards jersey from the 1990s, but context is everything.

It’s Rayo Vallecano’s 2015-16 road jersey — the soccer equivalent of making your Twitter or Facebook profile picture rainbow-hued — and it’s going to symbolize the club’s anti-discrimination campaign, dedicated to the “anonymous heroes” in society.

It’s not just stopping at LGBT equality: the Madrid-based team, which finished 11th in La Liga last season, says that each color of the rainbow represents a different cause. There’s red for those fighting AIDS, orange for the disabled, yellow for those who never give up hope, green for the environment, blue against child abuse, purple against gender violence, and the whole rainbow against sexual-orientation discrimination.

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For every jersey bought, the club is donating seven euros to organizations that fight for the causes above. There’s also a third kit with a pink stripe to represent the battle against cancer.

Perhaps the club could send a few shirts to certain government officials in the southern United States in the wake of last week’s Supreme Court marriage equality ruling.