FIFA put the United States and Germany in the same hotel before their World Cup semifinal

The United States and Germany are very familiar with one another. They’ve played each other plenty, making the World Cup semifinal between the two all the more fascinating. But their familiar isn’t solely borne from their past clashes. They’ve also been in the same Montreal hotel.

That’s right, FIFA has set the two teams up to share a hotel before playing the most highly anticipated match of the tournament! And moreover, FIFA has been doing this all World Cup long.

“Two teams that are supposed to play against each other shouldn’t be sharing the same hotel,” Germany manager Silvia Neid said.

“But it’s not only the case in the semifinal. It has been like that for the whole tournament.

“For us it was difficult after having won against Sweden. The Swedish players were pretty sad, but we still had to share the elevator with them, and the same with France.”

Well that’s only really awkward. Are you supposed to not celebrate because it would absolutely crush the team that just went out of the World Cup or do you celebrate and just hope they understand? That the teams even have to consider that is absolutely insane.

And, of course, there’s also the pre-match awkwardness.

“The first day I almost walked into the German meal room,” U.S. manager Jill Ellis said.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, this isn’t an issue for the men at the World Cup. At that tournament, teams are given separate hotels, so there is no awkwardness or instigation.

It’s what any reasonable organization would do. But FIFA isn’t so reasonable about the women, in large part because they don’t really care about women’s soccer. Just add this to the long list of proof.