8 LGBT cartoonists share their reactions to legal same-sex marriage


Fusion asked several prominent LGBT cartoonists to draw their reactions to last Friday’s historic Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the country. Some crafted funny, often thoughtful comics on the meaning of marriage — like Sophie Yanow, who asks, “Now that we have access, are we ready to pull it apart?” — and some just had fun.

1. Juana Medina


Juana Medina is an illustrator and animator born in Bogotá, Colombia, now living in Washington, DC.


2. Hilary Price


Hilary Price is the award-winning creator of the nationally-syndicated comic strip “Rhymes With Orange”


3. Eric Orner


Eric Orner drew the well-known comic strip “The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green” and, more recently, has been penning autobiographical travel comics.


4. Sophie Yanow


Sophie Yanow writes nonfiction, memoir, and poetry comics and lives in Vermont.


5. Olivia Stephens


Olivia Stephens is an independent comic artist and student at the Rhode Island School of Design


6. Christopher Keelty


Christopher Keelty is a writer and cartoonist based in New York City.


7. Paul Berge

Gettin' Jiggery With ItPaul Berge

Paul Berge is a Wisconsin-based editorial cartoonist who has been drawing cartoons for local and LGBT media since 1996. He is now married in all 50 states.


8. Howard Cruse


A pioneer in the field of LGBT comics, Howard Cruse is known for his strip “Wendel,” the graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby, and his editorship of the Gay Comix anthology.


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