Cristiano Ronaldo has sold his image rights to Valencia’s owner

There’s the underpants. The museum. The weird video game. Oh, the soccer, too. Let’s not forget that. But if you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, you’re always looking for what’s next. Always hungry for more.

Think of all the opportunities the Real Madrid megastar has yet to realize. Ronaldo-brand tanning beds. Yachts. Gym equipment. Hair salons.

So he’s sold his image rights to Mint Media, a Hong Kong company run by the Singapore-based owner of Valencia, Peter Lim. The terms of the deal haven’t been made public.

“This is a very strategic move for me and my management team to take the Cristiano Ronaldo brand to the next level, especially in Asia,” Ronaldo was quoted as saying. (Outside of Madison Avenue, does anyone really say they want to take their “brand to the next level” with a straight face?)

According to Forbes, Lim made much of his $2 billion fortune by selling “palm oil giant Wilmar International.” He’s also involved in projects including a hotel near Old Trafford, a “gated city, a medical complex and a $1bn motorsport complex called Motorsports City”.

Not a man lacking in ambition or power, then. Ronaldo may not end his career with more goals or assists than Lionel Messi, but at this point who’d bet against him finishing up with more in the bank? He’s already said to earn about $30 million a year from non-soccer activities.

Mostly, though, it’s nice to see the 30-year-old so happy to discuss his image rights, only three years after a fight with Madrid over those rights made him “sad.”