The Spanish league is going to court to contest the November-December 2022 World Cup

Do YOU run a soccer league? Have YOU been HURT by the 2022 World Cup date change? Call 1-800 SUE-SEPP… today! Our experts are standing by for your call, and now that the Spanish soccer league has filed an appeal against FIFA’s decision not to avoid a heatstroke epidemic in July 2022, consider the starting gun fired on the legal clusterfuck that is the Qatar World Cup.

Spanish league president Javier Tebas has filed the claim with the Court of Arbitration for Sport “in defense of the interests of the clubs that are contributing to the international teams,” he told AS after concluding that his competition will lose $72 million because of the eight-week winter break when the 2022 tournament will take place.

The move follows are formula that’s the same the world over — money plus grievance equals lawsuit — but how many more suits could follow? Try counting the number of influential soccer leagues in Europe who can plausibly claim they’ll lose money as a result of the shift. Quite a lot.

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