Gonzalo Jara deserved more than a 3-match ban for assaulting Edinson Cavani

Gonzalo Jara will not play another match at Copa América. The Chilean has been suspended three matches by CONMEBOL for putting his finger in Edinson Cavani’s bottom.

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Amazingly, Jara followed this crude gesture by flailing on the ground – causing Cavani to be shown a card, while he himself escaped punishment. Chile went on to beat Uruguay, advancing to the semifinals of the tournament it’s hosting. But when Chile meet Peru in Santiago on Monday, it will do so without Jara.

Three matches is an exceedingly light punishment considering Jara’s action. It wasn’t just provocative, crude and wrong, earning him the three-match suspension that normally accompanies violent conduct, it was assault and so far over the line that the line isn’t even one defined by what’s acceptable on a soccer pitch. It extends beyond that to what could be considered sexual assault and should be accompanied by a punishment significantly more severe than what CONMEBOL handed down.