Gonzalo Jara’s club doesn’t want him back after his butt-poking exploits at Copa América

If you’re Luis Suárez, you can commit a serious transgression on the highest stage and still get a move to Barcelona. If you’re ex-West Bromwich Albion and Nottingham Forest defender Gonzalo Jara, forgiveness is in shorter supply. The butt-poker has been told by his club, Mainz, that he can leave in the wake of his Copa América antics.

Pictures suggest that Jara poked Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani’s posterior. Cavani then flicked Jara’s chin and the defender flopped to the floor like he’d been hit by a sniper, or was in the NBA.

Clearly feeling that Jara is on a slippery slope and fearing his rash of wedgies, pink-belly, noogies and tying opponents’ laces together will wreck the club’s Bundesliga disciplinary record next season, Mainz are ready to offload the cheating Chilean.

“We do not tolerate that. What makes me more angry than the prod, however, is what happens after. There is nothing I hate more than theatrics,” roared Christian Heidel, the Mainz sporting director and a man you wouldn’t want to be sat next to at a Broadway play.

“He knows that if an offer comes in, he can go,” Heidel told Bild. Seems like a big “if” at this point.

Jara and Suárez, who seem made for each other, tangled in a World Cup qualifier in 2013: the striker appeared to punch Jara for grabbing his genitals. Boys will be boys.