The worst miss of the World Cup cost France a spot in the semifinals

Maybe you had a bad day on Friday. Your boss could have been mean, your friends ditched you or the world conspired against you to make everything so difficult. But however bad your day was, Gaëtane Thiney’s was probably worse.

France crashed out of the World Cup on penalty kicks, succumbing to Germany in the quarterfinals. But before the team got to spot kicks, it had a great chance to win the match in extra time. All Thiney had to do was tap the ball into an open net, but …

On top of that, Thiney was only in the match because Philippe Bergeroo decided to sub her on for France’s best striker, Eugénie Le Sommer.

So for the next four years, Thiney gets to think about that miss. She gets to think about how her manager trusted her enough to take the team’s best goalscorer off, and then she missed from three yards out so her team could go to penalty kicks and lose.

Maybe your day sucked. At least it wasn’t as bad as Thiney’s.