The house David de Gea’s been renting in England is coincidentally for sale

There are any number of reasons to move house. Maybe you’ve outgrown it. Maybe you want a better school district, or a shorter commute. Perhaps, after seeing Andy Carroll’s crib, your own pad seems small, dull and not pink enough.

Or maybe you’re joining Real Madrid, making continuing to live in the Manchester area impractical.

Clubs, players and agents can obfuscate, mislead, decline to comment and swear insiders to secrecy. But away from all the bullshit that surrounds big signings, people need to live their lives. So it’s often the mundane stuff that gives clear hints about major transfers, like a house being listed for sale.

David de Gea may be one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he may be rich and famous, but he’s got to cancel the electricity bill and call the moving company, just like the rest of us. (Unless he has people for this sort of stuff. He might.)

According to reports, the house de Gea’s been renting in Cheshire is up for sale at $4.1 million, has six bedrooms, a cinema and a gym. Pretty middle-of-the-road EPL star stuff. Come back to us when you’ve installed an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a nine-hole golf course and a helipad.

As de Gea doesn’t own it, maybe the timing’s just a coincidence. But with Manchester United reportedly offering him a $300,000 per week contract to stay at Old Trafford, he probably won’t find it hard to get on the property ladder.