We got married on television (with Will Ferrell as our ‘best man’)

It’s official. Despite Tinder’s best efforts, love is still alive. This week, on a very special episode ofThe Chris Gethard Show, three real-life couples tied the knot before a studio audience—with the help of Reverend Chris Gethard and a convincing-but-not-actually-inebriated Will Ferrell.

Yes, as the band played and the cameras rolled, Gethard—who obtained his license to marry from The Internet—performed holy matrimony, while Ferrell delivered a “best man” speech for six beautiful people he had never laid eyes on until they walked onto the show’s midtown Manhattan set.

We caught up with one of the couples, Cass Wall and Deneece Berg, to talk married life (for two days), love, and what it’s like to wed in front of a community of supportive strangers, one of the greatest comic actors of all time, and the Human Fish.

‘A classic love story’

The couple’s path to the television altar is a pretty romantic one! Cass, 25, and Deneece, 24, are both longtime fans of The Chris Gethard Show—such big fans, in fact, that they met each other through the show’s online Tumblr community. How else would Deneece, a media relations specialist from Texas, meet Cass, who is studying for an undergraduate degree in English in Vancouver, British Columbia?

“We actually met a lot of friends who were at the wedding through that community—some for the first time in person—and spent many days just sending messages back and forth about the show and comedians we liked or jokes about movies, just getting to know each other,” the couple told Fusion in an email.

But there was something about Cass that caught Deneece’s eye. After stumbling on a post of Cass dressed up as Gene Belcher (of Bob’s Burgers and Casio SK-5 fart-noise fame), she had to reach out because, well, Gene Belcher!

“We hadn’t talked much at all, but I remember thinking, ‘Oh wow, this guy is really cute.’” Deneece told Fusion. “I sent him a message right after seeing that. So, you know, classic love story.”

Three years later, the couple learned about Gethard’s plans for a wedding episode and volunteered to get hitched on the show. “Deneece has been going to [Gethard’s show] since 2011, and it’s the reason we met. We knew it was the way we should be married as well!”

Love is full of surprises

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.14.17 PM

As their ceremony got underway, Gethard presented Cass and Deneece with their very first wedding gift: David Letterman’s people, it turned out, had bequeathed the Late Show set’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge and Washington Bridge to Gethard, and the lucky couple would be married in front of them.

“I think the biggest surprise was definitely the reveal of the bridges from the Letterman set,” Cass and Deneece said. “Chris had hinted before that they had found the bridges, but we were not expecting to see it on the show and certainly not right during our wedding!”

After they wed, a psuedo-drunk Will Ferrell gave the couple a beautiful toast—noting that it would it would “mean a lot” if they named their first child after him. So we had to ask: Would they name their child after the actor?

“Yes. Will if it’s a boy, Ferrell if it’s a girl,” the couple told us.

Speaking of Ferrell, don’t miss his “drunken meltdown” later in the episode, in which he professes his love for Tara—one of the other two brides—and is escorted off the set. It’s basically the Gethard Show wedding episode’s equivalent of The Electric Slide at normal weddings!

Advice for the rest of us

For single folks like me who watched the weddings and cried a lot, awash with the power of love (and plenty of existential questions such as “WHY CAN’T I HAVE THAT?!”), the couple has some lovely advice.

“Watch strange public access shows. Look for people in other countries,” Cass and Deneece said. “No, but really. Just don’t expect that it’s ever going to be in the places you’re looking for it. And so don’t worry if you’re not finding it right now. We never could have seen this coming.”

You can watch their first dance as a married couple (thanks to musical guest Mal Blum) here:

The Chris Gethard Show has been referred to as “an often riveting experiment in seat-of-your-pants broadcasting” by The New York Times, “a party on the public access airwaves” by New York Magazine, and once caused Conan O’Brien to say “we’re going to rip that off.”

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