Introducing Shortcake v0.4.0 “Strawberry”

Fusion’s first major open-source project was introduced in November as Shortcake. Shortcake makes WordPress shortcodes a piece of cake. Shortcodes are a core component of WordPress structured publishing. With Shortcake we give shortcodes a visual interface to make shortcodes as user-friendly as they are powerful.

Today we’re introducing Strawberry, the fourth major release of Shortcake.

What’s new?

Breaking change: removed backwards compatibility shim for placeholder attribute argument

In v0.3.0, we added support for the meta argument to define arbitrary HTML attributes for the field.

Prior to v0.4.0, you could register your placeholder for a field like this:

In v0.4.0 and beyond, you’ll need to your placeholder like this:

Additional changes in v0.4.0


  • Using carldanley/wp-js-hooks for a basic API to register JS callbacks on shortcode attributes.
  • Attachment field uses a loading indicator while the preview for an attachment is loading.
  • Adds Chinese, French, and Spanish translations

Bug fixes:

  • Prevent fataling when editor is loaded in the frontend context.
  • Color field also supports meta argument.
  • Removes trailing whitespace from shortcodes without attributes.
  • Removes double slash in editor CSS path.

Take a look in Github for all closed issues in this release.

Want to get involved in development? Join us in an upcoming Slack chat.