A Chinese city has named John Terry its ‘ambassador of football culture’

How do you say “Man Up” in Mandarin? What’s the Cantonese for “delighted for the lads, to be fair?” These are the burning questions that may be answered in the JT Captain China Tour, in which John Terry goes to China “to be an ambassador of football culture for the young kids.”

Maybe this is how clubs will expand their foreign promotional schedules in the future. With preseason and postseason tours taking up so much time, they can carve out a few more days of international brand expansion by dispatching a single player.

As the picture on the official site makes clear, this event is about “cultural heritage” and “blue soul.”

Rewind a year or two and Terry would not have been many people’s idea of an ideal cultural ambassador. And anyone looking into his soul might have concluded it was a pretty dark place, what with the being fined and banned for racially abusing an opponent thing. Or the losing the England captaincy after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal.

But Terry’s personal stock is on a high after Chelsea won the English Premier League title. He had an implausibly impressive season at age 34. Captain, Leader, Legend, as they like to say at Stamford Bridge. (Though absolutely nowhere else in England.)

The defender is no doubt passing on his tips and tactics to rapt youngsters in Guangzhou, like how to give 100 percent and how to line up a really solid wall.