Watch: Norway’s World Cup players admit that women suck at soccer

Norway’s women’s national team will face England this weekend in the Round of 16 at the Women’s World Cup. It’s been a long road for The Grasshoppers, as it has been for many of the teams that suited up for the quadrennial tournament. They’ve spent decades combatting tired tropes about women’s ability to play; challenging pundits afflicted with neanderthal syndromes, claiming that women don’t understand the offside rule; and enduring indignities like companies using Photoshop to drop faces of women onto the same body. For players not coached by Jose Mourinho, constantly playing defense is exhausting.

But just when it started to feel like we, as a people, were turning the corner, the Norwegian team dropped a bombshell. All those tired stereotypes about women not being fit to play soccer? Well, turns out they’re actually true.

Watch the Norwegian players in this short documentary highlighting their inability, as women, to understand the game. The admissions they make are stunning.

Please tell your progressive friends about this. It turns out, we’ve all been duped.