A Chilean hotel is giving people free drinks every time Lionel Messi scores a goal

Worst business idea ever: a Chilean motel has reportedly decided to offer free drinks every time Lionel Messi scores at the Copa América.

Per Sport, via Eurosport: ”The Motel Fantasia offers free drinks for every goal from Messi during the Copa America, and also special offers for every Argentina win. Every Argentine fan can enjoy the benefits of their national team scoring,” said Joselyn Lizana, owner of Motel Fantasia to website Todo Pasion.

Judging from its website, the Fantasia is an establishment very much interested in facilitating the act of scoring.

Maybe this isn’t such a terrible scheme after all, though. Clearly, if the hotel was doing this for Barcelona games, the hotel would go bankrupt quickly, and there would be an outbreak of alcohol poisoning. For his country, though, Messi’s only (“only”) scoring at a rate of about a goal every two appearances.

He scored a penalty in Argentina’s 2-2 draw with Paraguay but didn’t get on the scoresheet for its second group game, a 1-0 win over Uruguay. But Argentina’s next match, on Saturday, is against Jamaica. True, the Reggae Boyz have put up a creditable showing so far, losing both their fixtures 1-0, but, Messi against the Jamaican defense? The Fantasia might want to put the beers on ice.