Real Madrid sent Barcelona a congratulations letter, made Barça pay for the postage

If you’re ever asked why Real Madrid-Barcelona is the greatest rivalry in soccer, you don’t need to reference the Luis Figo pig’s head incident, or the hugeness of El Clasico, or the political and cultural tensions underpinning everything that happens on the field. You can just mention Real’s congratulatory message to Barça for winning this year’s Champions League. This is the rivalry that turns sending a “well done” letter into a world-class piece of trolling.

According to reports, Nou Camp officials received a letter from the Bernabéu in the wake of the victory over Juventus … and had to pay the 23.98 Euros postage cost because Real hadn’t put a stamp on the envelope (or however these things work over there).

Firstly: 24 Euros? That’s $27. To send a letter? Was it one of those special-delivery packages, or was it excessively heavy because it was weighted with Madridista tears? Do you get the letter delivered on a velvet cushion for that?

Barça sent a tweet last year commending El Real on its Champions League victory, but Madrid didn’t reciprocate by Twitter. Instead, it managed to find a way to make “well done” seem bitter and grudging, coming across as sore losers but also doing a valuable job exposing the excessive pricing structure of the Spanish postal system. We congratulate them. Really.