Germany’s coach got so bored against Gibraltar he filed his nails on the sideline

After going four goals up against Gibraltar, Germany coach Joachim Löw filed his nails.

Germany, the reigning world champion, won 7-0 in the end.

Gibraltar is not good at soccer. With a population of under 30,000, it’s the smallest member of UEFA, and only joined fully in 2013 after strong resistance from Spain, which gave up the area in a 1713 treaty that it no longer recognizes.

From the NY Times article:

Today Gibraltar is a Little Britain. The Gibraltar pound, which is interchangeable with the British pound, is legal tender. Red British phone booths line the roads. Police officers wearing the distinctive British helmet patrol its streets. Low-cost airlines deposit British vacationers.

The majority of Gibraltar’s soccer team play for Lincoln Red Imps, a semi-pro team with an adorably sheepish devil as its mascot. So it’s little wonder that thus far, qualifying for Euro 2016 isn’t going well.


The 28 minutes Gibraltar held out against Germany is the longest it has lasted without conceding in a competitive game yet. Then André Schürrle scored, and then a bunch more Germans did. Schürrle ended up with a hat trick.

At least Low’s sideline personal hygiene is improving.