Jack Warner responds to “American foreigner” John Oliver

Former FIFA vice president, CONCACAF executive and alleged super-crook Jack Warner has once again done what he does best. He jumped in front of a camera to let a series of ridiculous and hyperbolic words fly out from the depths of his face.

This time, he has addressed Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, who earlier this week paid for time on Trinidadian television to implore Warner to reveal the evidence of corruption he claims to have against FIFA and Sepp Blatter.

Warner goes all out in this video. He props himself up as a symbol of national pride, and calls for his countrymen to rally around him in support as he fights off yet another unfair (to him, anyway) foreign media attack.

Jack Warner really will respond to any negativity that comes his way. He just can’t help himself. It’s no surprise that he’s taken the time to defend himself against a comedy newsman. This is the same guy who implored a nation to stand behind him as he condemned the slanderous charges lobbied against him by evil American — and wholly satirical — newspaper, The Onion.

The best part of the video is Warner referring to the very British Oliver an an “American foreigner.” I don’t know John Oliver’s immigration status, but you can’t help but laugh. It’s fair to wonder if the dramatic videos Warner produces are part of some genius criminal defense strategy. Stick a confused and rambling old man on television enough times and no jury in the world will be convinced that he was competent enough to defraud people of millions of dollars.

Get it together, Jack. There has to be someone on your team young and worldly enough to tell you how the internet and cable television shows work.