Cristiano Ronaldo has launched a video game featuring a skateboarding troll

Given Cristiano Ronaldo’s ever-expanding business empire — today underpants and a museum, tomorrow the world! — it’s not surprising that he’s launching a video game.

What took the 30-year-old so long? David Beckham did it back in 2001, when he was only 26.

Beckham’s game, though, involved soccer, which was only logical. Ronaldo’s features him dashing through the streets of Las Vegas evading paparazzi with a friend called Hugo, who’s a skateboarding troll who had a TV show in the 1990s, apparently. So, points for originality, even if Ronaldo’s straying somewhat from his core brand values.

And it’s not as if the scenario is entirely fictional, putting aside the presence of the cartoon troll. Consider this article in The Sun from six years ago: “CRISTIANO RONALDO enjoyed a weekend on the lash in Las Vegas with a bevy of beauties. The footballer sipped cocktails at the gambling mecca’s top nightclubs — and had his pick of the mini-skirted babes.”

Or this from the New York Post in 2014: “Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo skipped model girlfriend Irina Shayk’s Hollywood premiere of ‘Hercules’ last week, and was subsequently spotted partying without her in Las Vegas. The Portuguese star was wearing a tiny orange bathing suit at a private bungalow pool at Encore Beach Club, with Knicks star J.R. Smith and bikini-clad babes nearby.”


This might not be just a simplistic game but some sort of meaningful insight into Ronaldo’s psyche, expressing itself symbolically in pixellated form. Or Hugo The Troll’s makers might have offered Ronaldo a ton of money for his image rights. You decide.