Reports: Andrea Pirlo will sign with New York City FC

This is what life is like when your club is owned by ambitious billionaires: you miss out on Xavi, so you go after Andrea Pirlo.

Of course, this is Major League Soccer, so Pirlo is 36 years old. But still: Andrea Pirlo! He’d be an upgrade over Mehdi Ballouchy. And since New York City FC has won one game all season, is on an 11-match winless streak that has left them as the worst team in MLS and play in a baseball stadium in the world’s most impatient and intolerant city, it could use an upgrade.

“The club has yet to officially confirm the news, but all signs point to Pirlo heading to the Big Apple,” according to

Bowing out after playing against Barcelona in Saturday’s Champions League final seems like a logical time for Pirlo’s Juventus career to come to an end.

You might question whether a midfield of 36-year-old Pirlo and nearly 37-year-old Frank Lampard behind 33-year-old David Villa is the wisest use of NYCFC’s Designated Player slots, but signing Andrea Pirlo can never be a bad idea, under any circumstances, ever. Plus, he’d probably act as a deep-lying playmaker in a midfield diamond while Lampard would be higher up the field,. It could work, tactically.

He’d create chances for Villa, who’s had moments of excellence but could use a more consistent supply line to help him improve on his current tally of three goals in nine games (one a penalty). This is one fewer goal than Jeff Larentowicz.

Or Pirlo could solve NYCFC’s defensive problems by playing at center back. He’s Pirlo. He can do anything.