The Sergio Agüero-to-Real Madrid rumor is just dumb enough to be true

Sergio Agüero to Real Madrid? Spanish paper AS is claiming that the Merengues are planning a swoop for the Manchester City striker. On one hand, AS is often full of it, and this seems like a link pulled out of thin air. On the other, sometimes the tabloid is right. So is this a legitimate rumor worth actually considering?

Yes. And for one reason: Real Madrid is insane.

Real Madrid has no reason to buy Agüero. He is a very good player, yes, but Real Madrid isn’t short of good players, and certainly not up front. He would replace Karim Benzema, which would be an improvement, but it’s not as if Benzema bad. He’s quite good, actually. And adding more attacking players to a team with so many they can’t possibly get them all on the field at once seems a little unwise.

Agüero won’t come cheap, either. Buying him would cost the Merengues somewhere in the neighborhood of $105 million. That’s significantly more than Real Madrid paid for James Rodríguez last season.

Ah, James, the man who should be Real Madrid’s warning sign. James is an undoubtedly great player, much like Agüero. And James had a good first season at the Bernabéu, something one would reasonably expect from Agüero. But buying him was the highlight of the summer when adding help in defense, sorting out the goalkeeper situation and, more than anything, fixing the midfield should be the team’s top priority.

This is nothing new for Real Madrid. The year before signing up James, the club bought Gareth Bale in the most expensive transfer ever. Every summer since president Florentino Pérez’s return, the club has done its best to land some costly, big name attacker. It’s the club’s top transfer priority, even at the expense of building a complete team that affords it the best chance of winning trophies.

When you drop over $100 million on a player, it’s tough to go out and spend a big chunk of change in other places, even if you are Real Madrid. Buying Agüero means no Paul Pogba. It may mean passing on a second-tier but needed depth midfielder. All Real Madrid has to do is look across at its rivals and see how much Ivan Rakitić has strengthened Barcelona’s midfield to understand how important it is to sort out the middle. But they might go after Agüero.

Agüero almost certainly would welcome a move to the Bernabéu. Madrid is a phenomenal place to live and, by almost any measure, an improvement on Manchester. Plus, Agüero would get to live someplace where he can speak Spanish again. Oh, and it’s Real Freaking Madrid.

So is this rumor legit? Possibly, because when Real Madrid is involved, logic goes out the window.