Jack Wilshere sang rude songs about Tottenham and people are upset. Again.

It’s a tradition now. Arsenal wins a trophy. Arsenal players get on a bus and parade the trophy around London for legions of fans. And then Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere — an Arsenal lad through and through — sings the “What do you think of Tottenham?” song for the fans. The Arsenal fans eat it up, because rivalry and all, and then someone writes about a foul-mouthed tirade.

This was last year’s post-FA Cup victory ballad, courtesy of Wilshere, aka Young Ankle Trouble:

The lyrics, in case you’re wondering, go thusly:

Call: What to think of Tottenham?

Response: Shit!

Call: What to think of shit?

Response: Tottenham!

Call: Thank you!

Response: That’s alright!

Everyone: We hate Tottenham, We hate Tottenham, We hate Tottenham, We hate Tottenham, We hate Tottenham, We hate Tottenham, We are Tottenham … haters.

Arsenal won a trophy again yesterday. That means, here’s lad Wilshere leading the crowd in a rousing rendition of Tottenham tunes:

What a lad. And here’s the foul-mouthed tirade article.


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