Sergio Aguero met Will Smith while wearing a shirt with Will Smith’s face on it

It’s important to be reminded that your favorite players are human like you. Goofy, embarrassing, and shameless humans. It’s comforting. Seeing a world class athlete clown themself is like being enveloped in a warm blanket of self-worth and vindication. For that reason, here’s a picture of Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero meeting Will Smith, while wearing a shirt that features the face of Will Smith.

Yikes. Will Smith is obviously a great man. Regardless of who it is, he would be well within his rights to call security on any person who gleefully approaches him wearing his face. This is why celebs should carry their own stun guns. You never know when a Premier League striker will run up on you being all weird.

Really, I can’t be too harsh on Agüero. That is the Fresh Prince, after all. And this close to Memorial Day, all good people across the globe have had “Summertime” on loop since they left work last Friday.

For whatever reason (💰), Manchester City was in Toronto this week to play Toronto FC in late-May. Smith is in town filming his next movie, Suicide Squad.