This goalkeeper got scored on because he was drinking water

Weijie Sui is a goalkeeper for Chongqing Lifan in the Chinese Super League, one that was just grabbing some water. He recognized the importance of proper hydration and wanted to make sure his body was operating at its best so he could be the best shot stopper alive.

And while he was doing that he gave up a goal.

Well that’s just rude. Weijie just wanted some water and his opponents did him dirty by scoring on him?

Making matters worse, Weijie was also fined for his water drinking. The club docked him 50,000 yuan, which comes out to about $8,059.

“I made a terrible mistake in Sunday’s game and let go a full three points,” he said after the match. “I won’t repeat the same mistake and will never lose concentration.”

Weijie sure as hell won’t make that mistake again. Not after fans confronted him at the airport and the club considered suspending him.

Nobody has any respect for proper hydration nowadays.