Dani Alves’ press conference turned into his explanation of why he’s probably leaving Barcelona

Looks like Dani Alves is going to take his pretend-defender act to a new stage next season. In a press conference this morning, the 32-year-old said he hasn’t been valued high enough by the club and that he’ll announce his future on June 7, after the Champions League and Spanish cup finals.

“The club have not valued me as I deserve to be valued. I’ve come out to speak because there has been a lack of respect shown and a lot of rubbish has been said. I wanted to talk on the pitch, but there are too many lies and the limit was reached,” he told reporters.

That’s being seen in Manchester as an open invitation to Manchester United, where the Brazilian would replace another fake fullback, Antonio Valencia.

Though Barcelona has stated previously that it wants Alves to stay, it looks like this may be a case of an aging veteran who’s about to decline wanting one last contract that pays him as if he was at his peak. And since he’s a free agent next month, it wouldn’t be hard to find suitors willing to give him in wages what they’d be saving in transfer fees.

Alves denied that the impasse is about money — though that’s what they all say — and said it was more a question of respect. Perhaps he fears losing more playing time to Martín Montoya, or even Douglas. But with Barça subject to a transfer ban, if Alves left it couldn’t replace him until next year.

And even though his playing style’s akin to watching an out-of-control monster truck, Alves has a strong case that he is an underrated member of the team and his loss might hurt Barcelona’s biggest star. Sport reported last year that Alves had set up more for Lionel Messi than Xavi and Andrés Iniesta.