Which MLS club is the most likely destination for Didier Drogba?

Two important facts:

1) I prefer my soccer to be domestic

2) I prefer my Drogbas to be Didier

Combine these truths, and we arrive at the point where I would very much like to see Didier Drogba kicking balls in a Major League Soccer uniform sometime in the near future. Hell, if we can get his citizenship sorted out, toss him on the U.S. national team too. America needs more Drogba in it. Someone has to show our developing youth what it looks like to be great.

It looks like that.

Droga played his last game for Chelsea today, and was carried off the field like a hero. It marked the end of an era, but it wasn’t the end of his career, as The Drogfather announced today that he plans to play at least one more year with some other club.

There have been efforts by MLS to land Drogba before, but the timing seems even better for the league to take a successful shot at him. He’s 37 years old and already has a retirement date in mind, but still seems spry enough to give some lucky club enough goals, press and fan buzz to make over-paying him for 18 months worthwhile.