Didier Drogba gets carried away in his final goodbye at Chelsea

Three Premier League legends are saying goodbye today. Didier Drogba announced on Instagram that he’ll leave Chelsea at the end of the season, while Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard is leaving to play for the LA Galaxy in MLS and Frank Lampard will join him there at NYCFC . All players, icons in the league, having led teams to great moments and established themselves as three of the best of their era, are stepping away. And all they want is to go out on top.

Drogba got a hell of a goodbye from the crowd at Stamford Bridge and his teammates, who carried him off of the pitch. In the 29th minute, you might notice.



Lampard scored for Manchester City. His final Premier League match came with a goal and a long applause. He’d probably have had more of a chance at adoration had he not left Chelsea last season, but whatever. He’s still going out on top.

And Gerrard?

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