Yaya Touré will have to move to Inter now that he’s facing a driving ban in England

Yaya Touré got pulled over on Wednesday for going 124 mph in his Porche 911. On one hand, that is some serious and potentially dangerous speed. On the other, what’s the point of having a Porsche if you’re going to drive 40 mph?

Unfortunately for Yaya, the police do not care about the other hand. They are just concerned with that whole safety thing. But Yaya apparently didn’t care about much either.

The Manchester City midfielder told police, “Don’t worry, someone at the club will sort this out. They will get all the paperwork.”

Man City can’t get him a birthday cake, but they can handle his legal problems.

Police allowed Yaya to drive home, but he’ll have to bring proof of license and other documents to court within the next week and could face a driving ban. So he could be in serious trouble and at a major inconvenience. It would also probably be a big blow to him personally seeing as he has several very expensive cars and presumably likes driving them.

Then again, Yaya probably won’t even be in Manchester next week. He’ll likely be in Italy, living it up as Inter’s newest player and looking forward to having his weekday evenings completely clear. Oh, and being able to drive. Yaya beat the game.