The press gave Carlo Ancelotti an ovation after what might have been his last pre-match media session at Real Madrid

Real Madrid held its weekly press conference at the team’s training facility on Friday, and if rumors of his pending dismissal are to be believed, this may be the last pre-match media session Carlo Ancelotti will have as the manager of El Real. At its conclusion, members of the press applauded Ancelotti as he exited.

It’s nice to want to salute a coach that you respect, but at the same time, it’s kind of rude to say farewell before he’s actually been fired. This is like handing a wreath of funeral flowers to old man because you heard him sneeze. Can Carlo live?

Look at his reaction. Carlo isn’t interested in your “dead man walking” applause. He was doing just fine, thinking about lunch or whatever, then these news jerks had to remind him that he’s about to collect his unemployment benefits.

Imagine having the whole world know you’re about to be replaced. Bad enough to know you’re about to be set out with the Santiago Bernabéu trash like James Rodríguez’s old tricycle, but to be replaced by Rafa Benítez is an indignity that Ancelotti doesn’t deserve.

Hopefully he has some hobbies to occupy his time now. Maybe fishing, or needlepoint. Perhaps he’d like to do something simpler and less demanding, like taking over AC Milan.