Karim Benzema has found another way to get in trouble behind the wheel of a car

Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema was reportedly charged for driving without a license after police pulled him over for a routine check near Madrid’s Barajas Airport. There’s no word as to whether Chicharito is behind this.

According to AS, Benzema was unable to provide the police with his license or proper documentation for his car. The police were also reportedly unable to verify that the Frenchman had finished a re-education course, which Benzema was required to complete after having his license suspended in 2013 for driving 124 miles per hour in a 62 miles per hour zone.

Fun fact: the fine for his 2013 speeding transgression was just under $20,000.

After initially seizing Benzema’s car, the police eventually allowed him to leave because he was with a woman who had a valid license.

Later in the day, Benzema took to Instagram to present his case … and license.

Sans le mensonge, la vérité périrait de désespoir et d'ennui. #AnatoleFrance

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“Without lies, humanity would perish of despair and boredom.”

That’s Lord Benzema quoting French writer Anatole France. Case dismissed, amirite? Forget that showing your license on Instagram hours after the incident doesn’t necessarily prove you had the license at the time of the traffic stop. That’s a minor detail.

So while it’s good for Real Madrid (although not Chicharito) that Benzema remains a free man, the French hero may want to lay low for the next couple of weeks, at least until the Champions League final. Because Chicharito surely has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

In the meantime, let’s also hope that Benzema can show a bit of restraint and stop providing evidence of his driving exploits on Instagram. I have it on good word that police officers don’t like it when people sing hooks to Tupac songs while driving.

Check out Time #Goodvibes #K

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They also don’t like it when you film party tricks on the road.

Turfu ! #KB9 – @_meroje

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I, however, love it when Benzema takes to the ‘Grams to entertain us. But I’m certainly not a reasonable person to listen to.

Stay safe, Benz. Don’t make this too easy for Chicharito.