Watch a bunch of Real Madrid fans use Barcelona’s title as an excuse to be horrible

Barcelona is the La Liga champion. If order for one Spanish club to succeed in this fashion, 19 others must fail, and the most dramatic of these trophy-less failures is Barça’s old friend, Real Madrid.

Poor Madridistas have had to do the unthinkable and go an entire three years without wearing the league crown. It’s a condition that has proven to be too stressful to a select group of fans, ones who went out of their way to be stupid and start a fight in an airport with fans of their Catalan rivals.

I feel very comfortable saying that none of these people have jobs – not as a reflection of the poor state of Spain’s economy, but because only someone with nothing to lose could be so dumb as to fight in an airport.

Employed people have better things to do than wait in airports for strangers with homemade signs so they can chant terrible shit. People with jobs also don’t tuck white t-shirts into their sweatpants, assuming they leave their homes in sweatpants at all.

It’s all gone wrong for these men. Real Madrid needs to hold a job fair. Immediately.



Note: The original version of this post labeled the chants Real Madrid fans sang as “homophobic” in both the headline and body of the post, confusing the meanings of the masculine and feminine forms of one of the chants’ words. We screwed up and should have double-checked first. Sorry.


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