David Luiz shared his baptism and his virginity status on Instagram

It’s no secret that David Luiz, 28, loves the Lord at Kaka levels. Win or lose, succeed spectacularly or fail miserably, chances are you will see David Luiz give praise at least 45 times per game. That’s because, in case you missed the first sentence, David Luiz loves the Lord. Fair enough.

A few days ago Luiz shared some Lord-related news on Instagram.

“How marvelous to live with the Lord! Thank you for loving me so much and taking care of me! My life is yours and I am just your servant. You are always at the center of all my decisions. I love you, my God. Amen.”

Luiz has been baptized, born again in the purified waters of his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Maxwell’s swimming pool, in front of members of Pentecostal Hillsong Church. Congratulations, David. Say what you want about Mr. Luiz, but somehow he’s made it through some difficult moments on the soccer field. This is probably how he does it.

According to reports, Luiz has also shared that he’s taking his virginity all the way. “I have chosen to wait,” he said, presumably referring to having relations before marriage.

The reports aren’t clear about whether Luiz has abstained from “the sex” his entire life or whether his past sins have been washed away by the waters in Maxwell’s pool. It’s sad, but that’s really what people want to know, because people, for the most part, are terrible. Unfortunately, we don’t have answers for you.

Look out for David Luiz getting married in the next couple of weeks.