Cristiano Ronaldo scores a hat trick but Lionel Messi wins La Liga

There was excellent teamwork involved, to be sure. And a sexy little quick side-footed flick. But for the most part, there was nothing all that special about Lionel Messi’s goal.

Except that it won the La Liga title for Barcelona.

Messi’s goal stood alone when the match finished, Barcelona beating Atlético Madrid 1-0 at the Vicente Calderón. Back in Barcelona, Real Madrid hammered Espanyol 4-1, with three of those goals coming from Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems that if Ronaldo can’t manage to single-footedly lift his team to a title, he’s making damn sure that he’ll at least beat Messi to the top of Spain’s scoring charts.

Sorry, Cristiano, but it’s highly unlikely anyone at Barcelona gives a shit what you did tonight. That party’s going to be a hell of a lot more fun than sitting around, eyeing the scoring charts and crossing fingers.