Man climbs crane, shouts through loudspeaker to earn the title of “Best Coach in the World”

Here’s a bold statement made without the burden of adequate research: Corum Belediyespor’s Hamit Isik is the best coach in the world.

Earlier this season, things got hot during a Corum Belediyespor match. Isik was handed a 258 day ban – which is a more understandable number when converted to metric days – for confronting match officials. Fans were so unruly that the league declared the team’s promotional playoff match would be played to an empty house.

Obviously, promotion is serious business, so Hamit Isik couldn’t sit idly by and leave his team to fend for itself, a rudderless sailboat adrift in the frigid waters of lower-division Turkish soccer. So he did what any loving manager would do: he hired a crane, raised himself above the stadium walls and shouted to them through a loudspeaker.

This is proper management! This is dedication to a cause!

I don’t know the result of this game, because A) I don’t care enough to look it up, and B) I’d prefer to keep the magic alive and believe that Isik inspired Corum Belediyespor to great things. No reason to let additional information get in the way of a good story.


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