Anfield says goodbye to Steven Gerrard

Liverpool fans, if you’ve managed to stop crying after reading the billions of #ThanksStevie tweets, viewing the stunning tribute around the grounds of Anfield, and watching Steven Gerrard walk out onto that field one last time, you best look away now.

Seriously. You don’t need to cry anymore today.

Non-Liverpool fans, you may continue. But be warned: even the most cynical among you might find yourselves growing a little misty-eyed.

Ok, probably not. But all these tributes to Stevie G’s final game at Anfield are still pretty cool. If you like that sort of thing.

We’ve got everything from individual artwork …

to choreography filling the stands …

to a message inside Gerrard’s boot.

Just seeing him walking out with his daughters in tow probably caused many tears to start flowing …

But if that wasn’t enough, this shot of Gerrard touching the Anfield sign one last time must’ve caused many to break down.

17 years at one club. We’ll lay down our well-slung jokes and cleverly crafted insults this one time.