Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo and his son doing their ab workouts

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son — Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr., obviously — is four years old. He’s in better shape than you and could probably steal your girl if, he felt like it.

Here he is with his pops, deeply engaged in the Ronaldo family tradition of abdominal training.

Those flashbacks to you and your dad arguing through your formative years about the last slice of cold morning pizza have suddenly lost some of their charm, haven’t they? Don’t feel bad. You can’t compete with these two. They’re not humans. They’re Ronaldos.

The only way this could be a better showcase of good parenting is if lil’ Ronny was actually wearing a Karim Benzema jersey. It would be good to know that Cristiano, Sr. has his boy on the right path. No doubt he posted this video as a threat to the new baby Lionel Messi is about to have.


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