It’s been three years since that fateful Sergio Agüero goal

All Manchester City had to do was beat QPR at home. That’s all that stood in the way of the first Premier League in 44 years. And yet somehow City was losing 2-1, going into stoppage time.

Making things worse was that Manchester United had already won its final match. If the Citizens didn’t win, the Premier League title would reside across town at Old Trafford. It’s one thing to blow it on the final day. It’s another have to extend 44 years of suffering while watching your rivals parade the trophy through the city you share.

But then … bedlam.


That amazing, incredible, still unbelievable comeback happened on May 13, 2012. It’s been exactly three years since that day and no, it still doesn’t feel real.

We may never see a title race quite like that again. For two rivals to battle it out like that with so many of the best players on the world littering both sides, and then for it all to come down to the final day? To the final minutes? To the final kick of the season?

Happy third anniversary of that spectacular day.


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