Real Madrid doesn’t need a trophy to make a scene

In this age of increasing cynicism, people often find it difficult, even passé, to express a bit of excitement or enthusiasm.

And in this season of pain and suffering for Real Madrid, in which its fans are resigning themselves to a second-place finish and missing out on the Champions League final, you’d think it’d be a challenge to find supporters who aren’t locked in a dark room, covering their ears and humming to themselves.

Yet somehow, a ray of sunlight has broken through.

Yes, that’s Real Madrid’s bus, heading to the second leg of its Champions League semifinal against Juventus. El Real is currently in a rather dangerous position, after losing the first match 2-1.

But there are the fans, taking time out from penning angry letters to Gareth Bale to put on a white shirt, stand on the street and wave to the players. For their sake, let’s hope Juventus doesn’t interpret such an action as a flash mob forming a giant white flag of surrender.